Calling for short original fantasy stories

The call was open for submission between November 8th, 2021, and January 15th, 2022.

The first prize of 1,500 € was awarded for the best story in any of the languages authorized in the contest. Two prizes of 500 € were awarded for the second and third placed. The prizes were delivered in kind.

How did the Möbius Open Call process work?

Möbius is eager to contribute to the New European Bauhaus and its critical mission of designing “future ways of living, situated at the crossroads between art, culture, social inclusion, science, and technology.” We are calling for short original fantasy stories conveying this spirit. We want authors to imagine and build a liveable future, the future we dream about. In the words of Dennis Gabor, Nobel Prize 1971: “THE FUTURE CANNOT BE PREDICTED, BUT FUTURES CAN BE INVENTED.”

Who can apply?

Author(s)must be natural persons, over 18 years old, and citizens and/or residents of EU-27 countries, plus associated countries or in process of becoming associated to Horizon Europe.

How long should the text be?

The maximum length must be 6000 characters (including spaces) and a maximum of two (2) submissions per author.

Which language should I use?

The text must be written in English, Spanish or Italian.

The winning manuscript will become the first Möbius Book, a cross-media experience involving a 3D audio and virtual reality production, and art installation. The Möbius Book will be showcased in several locations in Europe during 2023 and 2024, as part of the dissemination and demonstrations events of the project. The Möbius Book will remain publicly available on the project’s website for at least a 5-year period after the project’s finalisation in February 2024.