Next Generation Media Ecosystem

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Möbius aims to build a network of ecosystem-related projects in order to forge synergies.

We strongly believe that working together makes it possible to facilitate the integration of emerging technologies, to help the new media ecosystem become more adaptive and inclusive, and better promote content; and, support synergies across media, operators, technologists, and cultural/arts actors in order to develop a stronger network of stakeholders.

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Collaborative Platform for transmedia storytelling and cross channel distribution of European sport events


The initiative aims to address the exploding demand for non-linear sports consumption (live and eSports) by leveraging Over-the-Top (OTT) sports media services and combining them with a  new set of media technologies that will democratise the consumer experience, enable cost-sensitive live video from anywhere, and personalise the distribution to change the experience of each viewer individually.

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Incubation and Acceleration Programme for the next-generation media innovators


STADIEM (Startup Driven Innovation in European Media), with its piloting and acceleration programme, brings together startups, scaleups, investors and media organisations to foster the development of Next Generation Media solutions.

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A decentralized network for intelligent, automated, and accessible digital asset management systems, where traditional stakeholders and other media owners can share, enrich, verify, and monetize multimedia content


The project brings together technology developers, social researchers, media publishers, artists, and other stakeholders. Their main goal: To help all sorts of creators produce and share state-of-the-art media – while allowing them to keep control of their intellectual property rights. Find out more in the relevant sections

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Supportive partners

It is a three-year European innovation project that aims at contributing to high-quality media activities.

Through three Open Calls, startups and artists will encourage citizens to engage more meaningfully with high-quality journalism, science education, and digital citizenship by using different pilots, artworks, and experiences.

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Aldus Up is the European Book Fairs network for the internationalization of the book sector and the innovation of book fairs formats, with particular attention to the digital shift.

Aldus Up is developing studies, surveys, and initiatives addressing core topics for the book sector: translation trends, reading habits, books and reading promotion, new models for audience engagement, transnational mobility of book professionals, and inclusivity for specific target groups such as visually impaired people, linguistic minorities and migrants.

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