Möbius' Innovative Applications

Möbius’ innovative applications consist of the Möbius Book (with a Player and a Creator app) and the Prosumer Intelligence Toolkit (PIT).

The Player is an interactive mobile application for readers to consume immersive books. At the same time, the Creator allows authors, hobby writers, etc., to transform their own stories into immersive experiences via a web application.

Publishers have their say as well; here is where the Prosumers Intelligence Toolkit (PIT) comes in, they can find fanfiction insights integrated into the form of a data dashboard. These fanfiction insights collected from prosumer online fandom communities such as Archive of Our Own (AO3) aim to give publishers new insights about their IPs, popular genres, etc.

Möbius is testing in real-life setting its Innovative Applications with users in co-creation sessions to ensure and validate them with and by the relevant user groups (publishers, writers, readers) and fits their needs and expectations to improve its go-to-market opportunities.

The Prosumers Intelligence Toolkit

The Pit

The Prosumer Intelligence Toolkit (PIT) is a data dashboard for publishers that presents insights by collecting knowledge and data from prosumer online fandom communities (e.g., Archive of Our Own).

The Player

The Player

The Möbius Player is a mobile application that opens new possibilities to experience books in an immersive manner, engaging the readers through the combination of text, 3D-audio, and visualisations

The Creator

The Creator

The Creator is a web application (browser based) that allows authors, to transform their own stories into immersive experiences. We decided to take a full digital approach.

Upcoming Pilotings

Come and see us at all these events! You will be able to learn about the project and test our applications.

Oct 18 2023
  • Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt Book Fair

October 18, 2023 – October 22, 2023